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15 Oct 2018

Initial feedback from Pessac-Léognan harvests: a superb 2018 vintage!

We began harvesting the young vines in our Pessac-Léognan vineyards on 24 August. Harvesting started a few days later at Château La Louvière and Château Couhins-Lurton, around the same date as last year on 28 August. A very wet spring and aggressive mildew attack indicated that the 2018 harvests would be somewhat late, but the exceptional weather conditions that began to prevail in our region from the onset of summer enabled the vegetation to make up for lost time and provide us with grapes of remarkable quality.

10 Apr 2018

2017 : a Surprising and Challenging vintage.

2017 was a surprising, challenging year marked by extraordinary meteorological conditions that brought the technical expertise of the Vignobles André Lurton winemaking team to the fore more than ever. The fact that we were able to produce high-quality wine in such an atypical, uneven year says much about their dedication and know-how. Adapting to variations in weather and unusual vintages is all part of our effort to improve quality, which has been greatly improved in recent years in both the vineyard and cellar.

17 May 2015

Biodiversity: golden-eyed lacewings, marsh tits, and other small creatures that help to protect our vineyards…


For many years, Vignobles André Lurton have been committed to environmentally-responsible policies aimed at protecting the vineyard ecosystems (integrated farming, joining the S.M.E. – Bordeaux wine Environmental Management System - when it was launched in 2010, etc.). Our efforts to modify our vineyard management methods, particularly by restricting the use of vineyard treatment products, are starting to produce results and these new practices seem to have a positive impact on biodiversity.

16 May 2015

Wine under water...

Everything started with a discussion among friends: our hotel and restaurant sales manager, Laurent Cerutti, and two of our clients, Mickaël Tanguy and Mathias Legras, both oyster farmers. Generally, oysters and wine only meet at table, forming delicious combinations appreciated by our taste buds.

We wondered whether we could try an adventure together, both for fun and as a learning experience: How would our wines behave if they were aged under water for several months? How would they evolve? We thought it was an interesting experiment, so we tried it out…

18 Dec 2014

A new momentum and new initiatives on the Canadian market...

Laurent Bélisaire, our Export Director, went to Canada from the 16th to the 21st of November to meet our agents, Kirkwood Diamond, and Managing Director Sylvain Brizard, who organised a visit to several S.A.Q. (Société des Alcools du Québec) outlets in Montréal and Quebec City. Michel Gaillard, our technical consultant (and former Production Manager of our group) also went on the trip. Having recently taken the Canadian market in hand, Laurent Bélisaire wanted to provide a new impetus.