vendanges blancs La Louvière 2012
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01 Oct 2012

2012: it looks like a superb year for white wines!

vendanges blancs

Vineyard managers and oenologists went out increasingly into the vines starting in late August to evaluate the state of the grapes. Close observation and careful tasting were the bywords, with one goal in mind: to best define the exact time when the balance between the various parameters influencing ripeness came together so the harvest could begin.
The method hasn't changed for decades…

The white wine harvest began on 5 September this year in the Graves, at Château Couhins-Lurton, followed by La Louvière on 11 September and the day after in the Entre-Deux-Mers.

Therefore, 2012 was not a very early-maturing vintage. In fact, it represents a return to much more traditional dates in Bordeaux. 

The grapes (both red and white) were in excellent condition in all our vineyards.

vendanges la Louvière blancs 2012

The particularly clement weather the last few weeks before the harvest (with plenty of sunshine during the day, followed by cool nights) enabled the various grape varieties to reach optimum maturity. Spring 2012 was very trying, with considerable rainfall leading to fungal diseases of all sorts. This called for very close attention in the vineyard until the 14th of July, when the weather changed durably for the better.

The clay-limestone soil of the Entre-Deux-Mers stayed cool all summer long, and also reduced any suffering due to drought conditions.

Water stress was greater in the Graves, but not excessive. This led to slightly decreased yields (15% less than a "normal" year).

The white wine harvest ended in Pessac-Léognan on 18 September. 

Picking at our vineyards in the Entre-Deux-Mers drew to a close on 2 October with Muscadelle, the latest-ripening variety.

Initial tastings and analyses during fermentation lead us to expect lovely white wines with a high alcoholic degree, good fruit, and well-balanced acidity.