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27 Nov 2019

2019: a year that will not break with the high-quality reputation of vintages ending in "9"

The weather conditions in 2019 gave the winegrowing teams something to smile about: the mild winter temperatures resulted in early bud break and, consequently, an early growing cycle. The summer drought conditions were toned down by a few storms mid-July, followed by cool nights in August and some rainy spells early September.

Vendanges Couhins-Lurton 2019

For our vineyards on the Left Bank (Couhins-Lurton, La Louvière, Cruzeau, Rochemorin), flowering took place in ideal weather conditions. Vineyard operations, which began in 2014, are starting to pay off: the vines have deeper roots and are therefore more resistant to heat during summer.

At our Entre-Deux-Mers (Bonnet and its "satellites") and Lussac-Saint-Émilion estates, the technical teams had to be particularly reactive in light of the rainfall that limited the duration of the harvest.


Promising results from the cellar


Vendanges 2019 - Rochemorin

In the cellar, the juice already indicates wines of very high quality.

All the white grape varieties were picked at optimum ripeness and in an excellent state of health.

All tasters unanimously agree that the aromatic profile of the fruit is outstanding.

To further enhance the quality of the wines, we will use traditional wine-making equipment, including ceramic amphorae, demi-muids, oak vats, etc.

 The red grape varieties are impressively uniform in terms of quality. The fruit is very present here too, and the tannin is expected to become rounder thanks to meticulous work in the cellar (fine-tuned barrel ageing and micro-oxygenation).

The exceptional colour of these reds is also noteworthy, as well as the excellent balance between acidity and alcohol, a rare phenomenon in Bordeaux wines.


Evenly ripe grapes, across the whole Bordeaux wine region, is the hallmark of this 2019 vintage.

Our new, more stringent quality policy on the use of oak shall make it possible to perpetuate these exceptional fruity aromas and offer utmost satisfaction to all Vignobles André Lurton customers.

Another groundbreaking vintage ending in "9” that looks set to be a great success!


More information : See the dates of 2019 vintage harvest at Les Vignobles André Lurton.

vendanges 2019 - Rochemorin-Petit Verdot
Vendanges petits verdots Château de Rochemorin
vendanges 2019 - Château de Cruzeau
raisins blancs - Château de Cruzeau vendanges 2019
Vendanges château de Cruzeau 2019
vendanges blancs  2019 - Château la Louvière
Vendanges 2019 Château de Barbe blanche
Amphores - Vendanges 2019 - Château de Rochemorin
premières dégustations - Vendanges 2019 - Château de Cruzeau
lever de soleil sur un jour de vendanges au Château de Cruzeau