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13 Jun 2019

Jacques Lurton, new president of Les Vignobles André Lurton

André Lurton passed away on the 16th of May. A respected businessman and wine lover, he led the Vignobles André Lurton until his very last day. He was a visionary entrepreneur and had carefully prepared the group's future, with the aspiration that it would remain within the family and his children would succeed him. This was set in motion in 2012, when the company's capital increased, thus enabling Idia, a Crédit Agricole subsidiary, to join forces with the family. It was also decided that his son, Jacques Lurton, would become the first president to follow in André Lurton's footsteps.

Jacques Lurton

The time has come for Jacques Lurton to take up this new position, which he does so with great enthusiasm and thoughtful consideration. He is committed to leading this remarkable heritage of wine estates, employing highly skilled teams who are at the very heart of the company's success.

He grew up with Vignobles André Lurton before graduating with a degree in Oenology from the University of Bordeaux in 1983. He began his career as a production manager in the late 1980s, a position he occupied for five years. He then started working on major international projects alongside his brother and successfully established his own wine estate, The Islander, in Australia. Meanwhile, he remained in close contact with the teams and his father in Bordeaux, keeping up to date with all Vignobles André Lurton's latest developments. He became increasingly involved when he joined the Board of Directors in 2012, alongside two of his sisters, Denise and Christine.

The company will continue to be steered by Pascal Le Faucheur, Managing Director for over eleven years. Thanks to such competent management, Vignobles André Lurton produce excellent wines from several Bordeaux appellations, which are successfully marketed both in France and abroad.

Jacques Lurton, the new president of Vignobles André Lurton, will continue to rely on the expertise of Pascal Le Faucheur, the group's Managing Director, and all the company's highly qualified teams. His sister, Christine Lurton-de Caix, has been in charge of the company's communication for many years and will continue to do so.

Just like his brothers and sisters, he is very attached to this legacy and intends to be a source of inspiration and to bring a new impetus to the industry, as each new generation does.