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Home > News > Events > Leading Swedish restaurants provide a worthy send-off to the 2013 vintage of Château Bonnet (as well as an opportunity to celebrate 60 years of outstanding winemaking!)
27 Mar 2014

Leading Swedish restaurants provide a worthy send-off to the 2013 vintage of Château Bonnet (as well as an opportunity to celebrate 60 years of outstanding winemaking!)

André Lurton inherited Château Bonnet in 1953. The 2013 vintage is thus especially important to him and his winemaking team since it is his 60th anniversary at the helm.


What a long way things have come since 1953! Today, Château Bonnet has acquired a fine reputation in France and many foreign countries...

Wishing to mark the event in style, our sales team naturally turned to one of our most loyal and enthusiastic markets – Sweden – a few days ago.

2013 white and rosé Château Bonnet served from bottles bearing the reproduction of a label dating from 1953 were the highlight of several tastings organized by Laurent Le Dez, cellarmaster at Château Bonnet for many years, who was accompanied by an export manager.

Welcomed to Sweden by the Bibendum team (the monopoly in charge of wine distribution, and faithful customers of Vignobles André Lurton wines for over 23 years), our representatives' first stop was the Jonas restaurant in Stockholm. The meal there was prepared by the talented young chef and owner, Jonas Lundgren, whom we welcomed two years ago at Château La Louvière for a Franco-Swedish evening. The presentations and tastings were much appreciated by a group of connoisseurs consisting mainly of journalists who write for the leading Swedish magazines specialised in wine and fine dining.


Revolving around salmon, the menu was specially designed to accompany the wines of Château Bonnet. Enjoyed as an aperitif, 2013 white and rosé Châteaux Bonnet proved to be as dependable as ever and perfectly suited to a market that appreciates wines that are reliably good in all vintages. 

 Participants were subjugated by the 2012 white Château Bonnet Réserve. Both the white and red "reserve" wines from Château Bonnet showed that they were fully worthy of accompanying even the most refined dishes.


Tasting at "Rendez-vous" to Örebro

Château Bonnet's Cuvée Divinus went on to prove that it is entirely possible to produce high class wines at very reasonable prices on the same terroir...

The 2013 vintage was presented at the end of the day to members of the Altia Academy (a nationwide association of nearly 3,000 wine enthusiasts that organizes about 30 tastings a year). Some 65 members attended the event, during which they were able not only to discover our wines, but also to meet the person who makes them. The dinner that followed naturally featured André Lurton wines. This very convivial occasion was an ideal opportunity for consumers (and potential ambassadors) to meet our team.

The next day, the Lurton team took a train to far-away Örebro, where Fredrick Larsson, the Bibendum person in charge of the region, was waiting for us the Rendez-Vous restaurant, a small establishment decorated in the classic "Parisian bistro" style and well-known for their excellent choice of wines by the glass. This was a great opportunity to present some new wines!

Suède 2

Sandra Sånebo, Chef of "Gastro Bar & Kök" to Karlskoga.

The last stop, and by no means the least important one, was in the small city of Karlskoga, at Gastros Bar & Kök, where we were greeted by the owner and Chef Sandra Sånebo. Sandra took part in the most recent visit by Swedish sommeliers to Bordeaux two years ago, when they were welcomed by Vignobles André Lurton.

We were delighted to see the improvements made to the restaurant since we were last here, including the building of a superb wine cellar with a huge tasting area, as well as a Champagne bar. Sandra Sånebo is a gifted taster and passionate lover of fine wine who has all our estates on her list!

Her most loyal customers were invited on this rare occasion to a friendly Winemaker’s Dinner. The 1990 Château Bonnet Cuvée Divinus served from double magnums went impressively well with the fine food.

Laurent Le Dez was particularly moved to present this wine since 1990 was the first vintage he made upon his arrival at Château Bonnet. The trip thus ended on a very emotional note!