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A commitment to the environment

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As major players in the wine industry for quite some time, we are fully aware of our environmental responsibilities. We are presently in compliance with the most strict standards, and have been certified for sustainable agriculture for over ten years. However, we consider there is still more to be done.

Protecting the environment: a commitment from the entire work force.

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Vignobles André Lurton have made a firm commitment to the ongoing development of environmental protection, and every single employee is concerned. The proximity of our vineyards to the city of Bordeaux imposes an additional responsibility to protect this extraordinary terroir, as well as local fauna and flora, to maintain a natural equilibrium. Our efforts, both in terms of manpower and investment, are proof our commitment.

The 14001 standard : our efforts have been rewarded.

Reducing energy consumption, systematically sorting and recycling waste, limiting chemical inputs, improving cultivation techniques, and making health and safety a priority for employees, neighbours and consumers are all part of our everyday priorities. This has entitled us to ISO 14001 certification since 2011.

Furthermore, with technical and financial support from the CIVB, we decided to join a voluntary collective initiative two years ago to develop an Environmental Management System for producing Bordeaux wine. This non-profit association, whose 25 members represent a wide professional cross-section, has so far chalked up an impressive number of achievements:

  • Comprehensive environmental site mapping,
  • Définition  of an action plan with clearly stated objectives, commitments and optimization strategies,
  • Deployment of monitoring frameworks and performance indicators to evaluate and track implementation of the action plan. 

This environmental management tool enables us to minimize our environmental impact while improving overall performance thanks to the collective commitment. Furthermore, the renewal of our ISO 14001 accreditation in 2012 is official recognition of our ongoing improvement strategy and the efforts made to meet our environmental targets.

The commitment of an entire profession

Heralded as exemplary by the Bordeaux wine industry, and subsequently adopted by a growing number of growers and merchants, this initiative has also been formally acknowledged in accordance with the French Law 2 dated 12 July 2010 by “Level 2 Environmental” certification from the Ministry of Agriculture.

Vignobles André Lurton, acknowledged as one of the Bordeaux wine industry’s key players and innovators, are immensely proud to contribute to these ambitious objectives which are vital for protecting the heritage of this unique region as well as consumer confidence in the quality of our products.

AFAQ* members of Bordeaux’s first Wine EMS Association

image vignes environnement Cruzeau

The vineyards of Château de Cruzeau