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Growing vines

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Grapes from A to Z! The André Lurton philosophy

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We are convinced that great wines can only be made from the finest grapes. Our team of vineyard workers has always given priority to quality. André Lurton and his team master all stages of production, combining traditional methods and state-of-the-art techniques.

  • Trailblazers gifted for discovering the best terroirs, we are in the unusual situation of having our own equipment for earthworks and soil levelling to grade vineyard plots.
    vendange raisins La Louvière
  • We have our own vine nursery and plant the vines after grafting in our own greenhouses. The traceability of plant material is perfect, guaranteeing the quality and longevity of the vines. 
  • Precise mapping of each vineyard enables us to find the perfect match between soil and grape varieties as well as to define the best vine density and leaf canopy depending on the height to which the vines are trained.  The rootstock is carefully chosen.
  • We apply all necessary methods to control yields: pruning, suckering, bud pruning and bunch thinning
  • We are gradually moving away from the use of chemical sprays and have once again begun to till the soil. However, deep ploughing is avoided. The soil surface is harrowed to maintain plant life and enhance the vine's natural defences by enabling the roots to sink several dozen centimetres deep.  Green cover is sometimes necessary to channel the vigour of the most productive vines.
  • Disease control takes place in the context of very demanding respect for the environment and sustainable protection in keeping with ISO 14001 certification . The vineyard team has a perfect understanding of parasites and the best ways to fight against them.
  • Our modern, effective dispersant spray equipment is regularly updated to make sure to use just the right amount and at just the right time on the vines, vine leaves and grapes. 
  • Leaf thinning helps keep the grapes in excellent condition as well as to ripen them. This practice is conducive to high quality aromatic grapes and earlier ripening.
  • The vintage is a crucial period during which the grapes are sorted extremely meticulously. Whether by hand or by machine, harvesting is done with the greatest of care. Picked at just the right degree of ripeness, the grapes are immediately taken to be crushed and fermented at our cellars.
vendanges blancs château la Louvière

The harvest at Château La Louvière