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A shared passion: the love of fine wine

échaudage des barriques château Bonnet

The Vignobles André Lurton name reflects expertise in a wide variety of fields... 

However, in every aspect of  viticululture and winemaking , the André Lurton team is motivated by a single passion: a love of fine wine. Our vineyard managers and workers do all they can to obtain the very best from our various terroirs, with the greatest of respect for the environment. Oenologists and cellar masters also apply their expertise with the same passion, combining age-old traditions and state-of-the-art techniques. Their guiding principle is to aim for the constant and uncompromising improvement in the quality of our wines.

This philosophy is also shared by our sales staff, who make sure to stay up to date with what's happening in the vineyards and how the wines are being made. They regularly taste with our oenologists to be able to talk about the wines to their customers. After all, it is much easier to describe something you like, and whose production you have followed through the seasons...

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Our colleagues who welcome visitors every day at our estates also have a passion for our Bordeaux wines. They are delighted to explain what sets us apart: the quality of our wines, a certain lifestyle that goes along with them, and the heritage left us by generations of winegrowers...

Our wines are not only ideal blends of several grape varieties, but also reflect a combination of the many forms of expertise to be found in the Vignobles André Lurton team. These different skills are all essential to work towards a single goal and a single passion: making the finest possible wines.

The following lines written by Emile Peynaud, the father of modern oenology, perfectly sum up our philosophy:

"What matters to people in the wine industry is to perpetuate the civilisation and culture of wine. Wine has always, and will always achieve a sort of double communion: with the soil and nature, thanks to the mysteries of the plant world, and with man, who contributes his knowledge, work, patience, care and love – because there can be no worthwhile work without love."  (Émile Peynaud)